DIY Your Own E-Liquid!

Electronic Cigarette Liquid is just water, E-Liquid Base, flavorings and some percentage of pure nicotine or some other optional additives. You can make yourself your own E-Liquid easily with the following E-Liquid Materials to save your money and to have your own unique flavor.

For making your own electronic cigarette liquid, what you need are the followings:
1. E-Liquid Base: such as Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin or PG400. You need to have FOOD GRADE Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerin (VG) as we provide here. The E-Liquid Base are the ingredients that creates the visible smoke/fog. In fact, this is the ingredient in smoke machine fluid that creates the smoke/fog.
2. E-Liquid Flavorings: You need to have FOOD GRADE, high temperature resistance and water soluble flavorings as we provide here. Other flavorings which have only room temperature resistance and contains either oil or sugars may not be suitable for smoking in a personal vaporizer.
3. Optional additives: such as E-Liquid Nicotine, herbs, or whatever additives for tobacco and herbal recipes.

4. (Optional) Distilled Water: Filtered drinkable water is OK. Other water, such as tap water has too many chemicals to make it healthy to vaporize into your lungs.

You can put about 10%-20% of the flavor concentrate in your E-Liquid Base, depending on the followings:
- the E-Liquid Base,
- the Nicotine density,
- your personal flavoing intensity.

For your convenience, here we provide you the E-Liquid Calculator for you to DIY your own E-Liquid to save your money and to have your own unique flavor, according to the different nicotine density:

With the Empty Bottles and E-Liquid Syrings you can easily control the composition and make you own E-Liquid according to your personal requirement.

For thicker smoke, use less water. While you are using E-Cig in higher temperarue environment or hot season, use less water. If making a solution with additives, then leave out the water and use either a few drops of additive solution or more depending on strength and taste. You will have to experiment!

The flavor strengthness will be variable with the different E-Liquid Bases and the different nicotine densities. You need to rejust the flavor strengthness with the different E-Liquid Bases and the different nicotine densities with your personal preference. Normally you just need to put in 6%-8% of the flavoring concentrate in your E-Liquid depending on your personal strengthness of the flavor and the Nicotine density. For higher nicotine density, use a little more flavoring concentrate.

Remember that the nicotine density listed for e-liquid is the number of milligrams of nicotine per milliliter in the E-Liquid. That means a 10ml bottle of 24mg nicotine e-liquid would have 240mg of nicotine in it (24mg x 10ml). Likewise, a 30ml bottle of 24mg e-liquid would have 720mg of nicotine in it (24mg x 30ml).

Remember successful mixing at home relies on some understanding of the basic principles when mixing your own E-Liquid recipe.

You should never mix in large batches unless you know for certain that you’re going to like the result. It is all too easy to over-dilute your e-liquid if you work on the whole bottleful at once, and ruin it. It is much safer (and cheaper,) to mix up small batches, so if it goes wrong, you can strengthen it with a few more drops, or mix it into a more palatable flavoured juice to use it up. You will also be able to try a lot more flavours with a single bottle if you make small batches.

Unless you like you flavours very strong, you will want to add some inert liquids to dilute your mixtures (these substances are called diluents). You may use the E-Liquid Base, alcohol and/or distilled/deionised water, according to preference (though more than a drop or 2 of water is not advised – if the liquid is too runny, there is a greater risk of it leaking into batteries, and it will produce little vapour.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are making a nicotine based liquid, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Nicotine is a poison. Too much can be very toxic. Nicotine is an alkaloid found in certain plants, predominantly tobacco, and in much lower quantities in tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and green peppers. When absorbed in small amounts, whether from cigarettes, cigars or E-Cig, nicotine can cause stimulation, a feeling of relaxation, calmness, and alertness. The effects of nicotine can last from minutes to hours. The carcinogenic properties of nicotine in a standalone form (i.e., separated from smoking or chewing tobacco) have not been evaluated by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, However current available literature indicates that nicotine in standalone form does not promote the development of cancer in healthy tissue and has no mutagenic properties.

New e-liquid release

Do you know there is new e-liquid released on

The new e-liquid will give real sensation than the traditional electronic e-liquid, it has high concentrate flavor which will give you high feeling of the e-liquid. You can vape it for real and will never be fed up with it.

The menthol is real menthol flavor. you can feel the cooling air when you breath.The strawberry is like you can eating the real strawberry.The density of the new e-liquid is 3 times than the traditional e-liquid.

We have tested on may users , they all say the new e-liquid is better than the old ones. It is more like the real flavor of the fruits or tobaccos.

Can I use e-liquid?

Many people will ask can I use e-liquid because I have some issue with my health. Will I allergic to e-liquid.This is the frequently asked by most e-cig users.

We know the e-liquid is made from VG,PG and the flavoring or nicotine. The thing is we donot eat the e-liquid but vaping it.So there is no big issue to your health. Personally I suggest VG base as it is made from plant while some one may be allergic to PG base.

If you are not certain, you can consult your doctor.

You can get the healthy e-liquid on

what is e-liquid and its nicotine density

E-Cig-Liquid is the component of the electronic cigarette that provides the nicotine solution and the flavoring. When heated by the atomizer, the e-liquid is responsible for providing the lovely vapor that mimics traditional tobacco cigarette smoke.E-Liquid/Ejiuce can be used to refill your cartridges for any model of E-Cigarette you own.There is no question about the compatibility.You can buy e-liquid and E-juice from any e-cig shops.

Novocig provides different choices for your E-cig-liquid and E-juice. We have 3 kinds of liquid base:VG,PG,VG+PG .VG is made strictly from plant oils. PG400 is a low molecular weight grade of polyethylene glycol. It is a clear, colorless, viscous liquid. Due to its low toxicity,PG400 is widely used in a variety of pharmaceutical formulations.  All our E-Liquid bases are made from only pharmaceutical grade without allergens. You may have asensitivity to PG, so that VG, give you some healthier alternatives.

Novocig strongly suggests you choose VG.

The Electronic Cigarette Liquid has 7 different density of nicotine:
- Non nicotine: 0 mg nicotine, which equivalents to No Nicotine.
- Low density: 6 mg nicotine, which equivalents to Ultra Light Strength Cigarettes.
- Medium density: 12 mg nicotine, which equivalents to Medium Strength Cigarettes.
- High density: 18 mg nicotine, which equivalents to Regular Strength Cigarettes.
- XHigh density: 24 mg nicotine, which equivalents to Strong Cigarettes.
- XXHigh density: 36 mg nicotine, which equivalents to Very Strong Cigarettes.
- XXXHigh density: 48 mg nicotine, which equivalents to Super Strong Cigarettes.


You need to keep the E-Liquid in a dark and cool place. The normal shelf life of E-Liquid is 6 months. After long time if you do not use the E-Liquid and you taste the E-Liquid with the different taste as the beginning, we suggest you do not use the e-liquid any more.ecigliqud

Nicotine Density and E-Juice Mixture

How much nicotine is in my e-liqiud? For example, if you smoked 10ml e-liquid with 6mg density, you actually consumed 60mg nicotine. So the nicotine density we say is based on mg/ml, that is Xmg nicotine in Yml liquid. 48mg density means 48mg nicotine in 1ml liquid.

Based on the knowledge above, let us start mix our own E-Juice.

12mg nic density mix:

It is better to mix 100ml e-juice for one time which will be easier than just mix a little. As we know, 1000mg=1ml, so if we have 1L 12mg nic based e-juice, we actually got 12000mg=12ml nic in it. So, now we need mix 100ml 12mg nic based e-juice, we just need 1.2ml nic.Then prepare about 90ml liquid base and about 8ml-10ml flavoring. Then mix them together and remember to take some protection when handling nic.You can mix them in a Jar or a Bottle. The last step is to stir or shake it to make a fully mixture.

PG Allergy

PG will cause allergic symptoms starting from a scratchy throat to sinus issues, headaches, and even feelings of nausea.  In extreme cases, PG will even cause numbness within the face and tongue furthermore as swelling and redness in these areas.

If your symptoms are returning from a PG sensitivity but, you’ll be able to simply avoid exposure by selecting solely 100% vegetable glycerin (VG) primarily based e-liquids.  At NovoLiq, we provide authentic e-liquid in 100% VG, therefore you’ll be able to simply selected this selection instead of a VG/PG combine.

Vitamin C E-Liquid

Do you know you can smoking with vitamin c, it is a new kind of electronic cigarette liquid flavor, it is VC, you can absorb the vitamin c when you smoking. VC has good benefit to you immune system which will make you stronger. It is really good for us.

The flavor of vitamin c flavor is like a orange juice, smells really good. You may say, if there is  vitamin C juice, if there is vitamin B, or other vitamin e-juice, of course yes, there are many kinds of vitamin e-juice.

E-liquid is very important to a e-cigarette, good e-liquid will prolong the e-cigarette life while the poor one destroy it.

Three aspects of the Electronic cigarette liquid quality

Three aspects of the electronic cigarette liquid quality

1, The liquid base should be food grade or pharmaceutical grade,

2, nicotine density requires above 98%,

3, high-quality electronic cigarette flavor concentrate

How to distinguish the quality level of the electronic cigarette liquid.

First, look at the Appearance of the e-cigarette oil, a good

smoke oil is clear, transparent, colorless, pale yellow, golden yellow,

orange, green color, etc., looks very comfortable, pleasant to the eye;

Second, smell carefully tell the aroma of the smoke oil, good elegant

aroma of smoke oil makes you feel pleasant

Third, Vaping, the most important thing is that this step must pass pumping assessment identification of smoke oil is good or bad, comfortable and a good smoke oil aroma, full and true incense smoke is similar to the satisfaction, clean taste, not to provoke, not spicy mouth, choking fragrance surround smoked.